Individual Income Protection Insurance

Individual Income Protection Insurance is designed to help protect income if your clients are unable to work due to an injury or illness.

Life can change in a matter of seconds. What would happen if your clients no longer had the means to pay their mortgage, health insurance premiums or provide for their families?

Adding Income Protection Insurance to a financial plan is the most important step you can make to protect the financial future of your clients.

The right plan will depend on income, occupation, health and financial commitment.

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Business Overhead Expense

A Business Overhead Expense (BOE) disability insurance policy reimburses a business owner for existing overhead expenses incurred while they are injured or sick, keeping the company viable during the time it takes for the disabled owner to recover. Regular expenses that could be covered under a BOE policy include employee salaries, rent, leases and utilities to name a few. And BOE premiums are generally tax deductible as a business expense. A business owner can also customize the BOE policy, at an additional cost, to help meet specific needs. It can help reimburse the company for the salary of an owner’s temporary replacement, and/or provide an additional benefit to the owner to help with their personal income loss. View our video on business overhead expense 

Buy/Sell Planning

Producers who work closely with business owners most likely have discussed plans to continue their clients’ business in the event of death. A natural extension of this planning is to make business clients aware of an equally important need that is often overlooked.

While many business owners plan of the survival of their business in the event of death, many do not consider the effects of disability on the future of their business. Or, like many, they just do not believe they will ever become disabled.

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Key Person Coverage

Key Person Coverage provides crucial benefits for any functioning business in order to protect the company from financial hardship that may result from the loss of a key employee due to injury or sickness. Key Person Coverage provides cash flow to help a company overcome, move forward and maintain a profit in the event this unfortunate circumstance occurs.

Business Loan Indemnification

Owners of a small to medium-sized business oftentimes need to borrow funds to grow their business. What happens to these loan obligations should an owner become too sick or hurt to work? Business Loan Indemnification coverage picks up the terms of the loan – continuing to meet this obligation for the disabled business owner.

Retirement Protection

Designed to help individuals continue saving for retirement if they become too sick our hurt to work.

Guaranteed Standard Issue

Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) income protection helps to provide employees with comprehensive financial security in the event a long-term illness or injury prevents them from earning their usual income – oftentimes supplementing employer-provided Group Long Term Disability. GSI has the advantage of requiring no medical underwriting and limited financial documentation with substantial premium discounts.  

Critical Illness

Critical Illness and Accident Plans are unique solutions available on an individual or group chassis.

Critical Illness Plans are a great complement to Disability Insurance coverage. The benefits pay a lump sum for a number of different illnesses. This coverage can help individuals pay for medical treatments and can make it possible for individuals to enjoy their last days, not having to worry about financial obligations when a critical illness strikes.

Accident Plans are a perfect and affordable solution for clients that may be medically uninsurable for Disability or Critical Illness coverage. This ensures that they have some benefits for accidents that occur.

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Here is a full list of the products we offer:

  • Individual Income Protection Insurance
  • Business Overhead Expense
  • Buy/Sell Planning
  • Key Person Coverage
  • Business Loan Indemnification
  • Retirement Protection
  • Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI)
  • Simplified Issue
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Blue/Gray Collar Coverage


  • Critical Illness
  • Personal High Limit
  • Physicians & Surgeons High Limit
  • Dentist Specialty
  • Accelerated Benefits “To Age 65”
  • Guaranteed Issue Excess Disability Insurance
  • Entertainment Industry Disability Insurance
  • Professional Athletes Disability Insurance
  • Loss of License Insurance
  • Severance Agreement Disability Insurance